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Hey, I'm Skylar!

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Professional Photographer & Storyteller

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for photography; I have always been running around taking photos of anything and everything. After realizing I could take photography up as a profession, I bought my first professional camera at thirteen years old and haven't slowed down since.

Now, as a wedding photographer in Birmingham, Alabama, serving clients worldwide, I have truly found love in documenting moments you can't quite put into words.

Before I took the leap of faith with starting my own business, I was a sports photographer, shooting for institutions like Getty Images, the National Football League, The Southeastern Conference, University of Alabama Athletics, Louisiana State University Athletics, University of Georgia Football, and several other collegiate athletics departments around the country.

My vast experience in sports translates into my portrait and wedding work: I. love. movement. I will choose prompting over posing you every single day! I want to tell your story truthfully, not create a story for you.

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Assistant editor

Bandit is my first born child, and quickly created the position of Editing Assistant for himself when I adopted him in 2020. He has single-handedly changed my life and gotten me through some of the worst times in my life.

In his free time, Bandit loves to hike, go on walks, go fishing, drag all his toys into the yard, and play with his younger sister, Juniper.

Just know that when you receive your gallery back, Bandit has been watching over it for you and making sure everything is perfect!

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assistant to the assistant editor

June is one of the biggest surprises of our lives. We adopted her from a friend who's feral cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, and quickly won over our hearts. As a hybrid feral/domesticated cat, she always keeps us on our toes.

When she isn't outside claiming the neighborhood as her own, she loves sleeping on everyone's beds but her own, eating Meow Mix, bringing us presents in the form of dead rodents, enjoying cat Go-Gurts, and manipulating Bandit into doing whatever she wants.